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What is LEAD-Experience?

Small business is the backbone of this country. Yet despite the essential role it plays, small business is incredibly underserved. Consequently, 50 percent of small businesses fail after five years and 96 percent of all firms in the US never reach $1 million in revenue.

This is where LEAD-Experience steps in. We designed LEAD-Experience for the small business owner looking to defy this reality and take his or her business to the next level. Over three intense, content-packed days, you will learn the seven universal principles guaranteed to reinvigorate your business.

For details about the LEAD Experience program, call (800) 482-0335.


Leadership is the most critical factor in the growth of a small business.

Every company started with an idea and a plan from some individual. As that individual, your business starts, begins and ends with you, the leadership.

LEAD-Experience will help you set your intention for the direction of your business, and give you the skills you need to steer it in that direction.